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Home heating to warm floor heating or water heating


More and more families choose to install floor heating when decorating. For consumers, electric floor heating or floor heating is always inconvenient. Electric floor heating and floor heating are the most popular heating methods. In this case, the user needs to consider according to his own needs. The following is a general comparison of water floor heating and floor heating for customers' reference:

First, compare installation costs. Generally speaking, the installation costs of floor heating and floor heating are not much different. For units of less than 140 square meters, since there is no need to purchase a boiler, the installation cost of floor heating is slightly lower than that of floor heating.

Second, compare the cost of use. This is complicated and not as clear as the installation cost. The main cost of water heating is gas, not water. If we compare the law of conservation of energy, if the water is warmed by natural gas, it will be lower than electric floor heating. If the water is warmed by pipeline gas, it will be equivalent to electric floor heating. If the water is warmed by piping, the liquefied gas will be more expensive than electric floor heating. If you use bottled gas to warm the water, it is best not to do it, otherwise it will not only be expensive but it may change the bottle every day. Because although the power consumption can be determined, the air consumption is not determined. This is inseparable from the boiler's quality. Different boiler air consumption is different. In addition, electricity prices and gas prices are different in different regions. Moreover, current electricity prices, gas prices, and future electricity prices and gas prices are different. Floor heating can be used for 50 years. That is, the use of 2-30 years must also consider long-term, so this comparison result is very limited.

Compare the replacement expenses later. We know the respective composition of the warm water and floor heating. The replacement of water heating includes boilers (life span 12-15 years), internal boiler parts, manifolds (6-8 years), and other connection accessories. The cost of these replacements will exceed 2-3 times the initial installation cost. Electric floor heating is replaced only by thermostats, and water and floor heating is also available. Compared to the merger of similar items, the above are all normal use without maintenance.

Fourth, compare their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of warm water floor is that it can provide domestic hot water. The disadvantages are that the boiler needs maintenance, descaling, floor water pipes need cleaning, etc., which all need to be spent. The disadvantage of electric floor heating is that it cannot provide domestic hot water. The advantage is that no maintenance is required. In addition, from the comparison of the maintenance probability, firstly, the ground heating pipes and the floor heating cables are compared. In the case of the same promised warranty of 10 years and the use of 50 years, we do not compare, and when the same type of merger, if you For comparison, it is conceivable to think of water pipes and cables that are easily broken. There are also thermostats, it is not better than. Water heating more than a few parts, that is, the probability of more maintenance. Its boiler is the core component of water heating, is a precision instrument, the probability of maintenance is also the largest, and the largest expenditure. Therefore, the probability of maintenance of water and floor heating is much greater than that of electric floor heating.

Finally, two seemingly strange but existing problems. First, is water heating better than electric heating? It is time consuming for the hot water to be warmed out of the boiler to circulate in the pipe, and the heating cable is heated directly after being energized. Will the current be slower than the flow of water? In fact, this speed is not important, the floor heating is open 24 hours, off and then open the temperature is relatively slow. Second, the warm water will moisten the air, electric floor heating will dry the air? I want to say that if the warm water in the water can moisten the air, then the floor will not suffer, and the floor tiles will not sweat. Who would dare to use water to warm it? In fact, when it is warmed to 18-20 degrees Celsius, whether it is water or electricity, the temperature of the ground is only about 21-24 degrees, and it is unwilling to produce dry air. And if you use a floor tile, sprinkle some water on it and it will quickly evaporate. This kind of evaporation is not like the air-conditioner that the water is pumped away to moisten the air.

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